Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Our baby turned 1!!

This past year has just flown by...can't believe I now have a 2 year old and a big 1 year old!!! I had a lot of fun preparing for the birthday girls little party..I decided to make a ribbon garland to put as a background behind the table..except I somehow ended up using crepe paper. It look fantastic, but it took FOREVER to make as I had to be soooo delicate knotting it so it wouldn't rip! I think next time I will find ribbon ;-) I made some confetti balloons and used pink and gold curling ribbon to hand off the balloons. All time consuming, but would do it all over again. Now that its all done and dusted though, time to get back into some scrapping! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Clique Kits Blog Hop, and the opening week of Sketches in Thyme Project Life Style!

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