Monday, 22 May 2017

New House, New Scrap space, Time to get busy...

Its amazing how much effort goes in to packing and shifting house.. it's one of those things that you don't want to rush into again quickly.. and add 2 toddlers and a dog to the mix just adds to the fun.. lol. BUT, we're in, and we love our new home and in particular I LOVE my new scrap space. Lots of amazing drawers from ikea has meant everything is now tidy and easy to find! Can't wait to get stuck into this years PL..and finish off last years too. Time to get busy... so thanks to Jot's monthly moodboard, I kick started my 'playtime' with this little page..


  1. Don't remind me.... I'm about to move house too!!
    But how exciting to get into a new scrap space and start creating again. What a lovely spread to begin with!

  2. Go Emma! Well done! And how awesome that Jot helped kickstart your creative buzz in your new craft space :-) thanks for joining in the challenge.

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